Chocolate Cream Dessert Flan Raspberry Mousse I

French style mousse-like dessert, made without gelatin. Make egg yolk mixture, mix in the other ingredients in order, then transfer the batter into ramekins. To bake, pour hot water into the baking tray and bake at low temperature as instructed. Make sure to chill well before serving.

French style dessert. This is a simple standard flan recipe. Prepare caramel and pour it over the baked flan. If making caramel is difficult, you can top the flan with whipped cream instead, which can be made with 100g whipping cream and 8g sugar.

French style raspberry mousse with a sponge bottom layer, originally called ENTREMET FRAMBOISE. “Framboise” means raspberry in French. To enjoy a different variation, you can make it with four layers, alternating with raspberry mousse and sponge. For a more professional presentation, thinly spread raspberry jam over the sponge, pour the mousse on top, freeze, then spread raspberry jam on top of the mousse.

Flan Dessert with Chocolate Sauce Chocolate Mousse Frozen Mousse with Seasonal Fruit

French style flan dessert. To create a sundae-like look, pipe a generous amount of whipped cream on top of and/or on the side of the flan, then garnish with chocolate sauce, colored sprinkles and bananas. You can also bake and serve the flan in ceramic cups or ramekins.

French style mousse made with chocolate. As the mousse may become too firm, use only the required amount of gelatin. Optionally, you can top the mousse with whipped cream, with a sugar content of 6 – 8 %.

French style frozen mousse. Serve the mousse when it has been slightly thawed and become soft.

Black and White Mousse

French style two-layered mousse. After refrigerating the dark layer until firm, pour the white cream over it and place back in the refrigerator.

Cheese Cream Mousse Mixed Fruit Jelly (COUPE DE GELEE MACEDOINE DE FRUITS) Yogurt Mousse

Swiss style dessert. Made with cream cheese, the mousse has a smooth texture. You can reduce the amount of sugar for the mousse down to 40g; if you do so, increase the amount of sugar for the whipped cream topping to 6g.

Swiss style dessert. “Macedoine de fruits” means mixed cut fruit in French. The name “Macedoine” derives from the name of the ancient kingdom Macedonia that conquered the surrounding nations in the 4th century BC, and a variety of dishes and confectionery made with mixed fruit or vegetables are named “Macedoine”.

Swiss style yogurt mousse. Drain yogurt in a paper-towel-lined sieve to enhance the taste and flavor. This recipe requires 100g of plain yogurt, drained at least for 30 minutes.

Frozen Vanilla Mousse White Chocolate Mousse with Seasonal Fruit Orange Yogurt Jelly

French style frozen vanilla mousse. When frozen, leave at room temperature for a while. To enjoy this melt-in-your-mouth dessert at its best, serve when the surface just starts to melt.

French style mousse. Instead of freezing the mousse, you can refrigerate it until firm. To serve, garnish with sauce, jam and an assortment of seasonal fruit.

Swiss style soft jelly with bite size fresh oranges. You can also use a mix of oranges and grapefruit or other fruit.

Simple Flan Chocolate Mousse Cream Cheese Mousse

French style flan. You can bake and serve them in ceramic cups or ramekins. Alternatively, you can invert flan onto a serving plate, then serve with whipped cream.

French style dessert, chilled well in glasses. You can garnish with mint leaves on top. It’s best to use sweet chocolate, however, if it is not available, you can substitute with dark or milk chocolate.

Belgian style cream cheese mousse, made without gelatin. Taste the mixture before adding lemon juice. You can make it without lemon juice if you don’t like sour flavors.

White Chocolate Mousse Raspberry Mousse II Lemon Cream Cheese Dessert

French style classic raspberry mousse, made with beaten egg yolks, raspberries and cream. If available, try using raspberry liqueur. If not, you can substitute with orange or cherry liqueur. To decorate, thinly spread raspberry jam over the surface of the frozen mousse, remove from the ring, then place a raspberry on top.

Italian style cream cheese dessert with a refreshing lemon flavor. Originally, this dessert is made with mascarpone or ricotta, however, we substitute with cream cheese in this recipe. Also, we use sweet white wine in this recipe. Instead of topping with seasonal fruit, you can serve this dessert with sabayon sauce or custard sauce.

French style dessert. This is a fairly standard recipe. Make egg yolk mixture, mix in chopped white chocolate and gelatin, then stir in whipping cream and freeze. Place the mousse on a serving plate while it is still frozen, then serve when it has thawed.

 GLACE A LA VANILLE (Vanilla Ice Cream) Grapefruit Jelly White Chocolate Dessert

Italian style dessert. You can enjoy the sweetness of white chocolate and the crunchy texture of almonds. You can substitute diced almonds with sliced almondsーin that case, fully roast the almonds to enhance the aroma, then cut them into fine pieces. Chill well and serve with chocolate sauce and/or cut seasonal fruit.

Swiss style dessert made with 100% grapefruit juice. For a more colorful look, try using the flesh of ruby red grapefruit in addition to that of a white variety.

French style dessert. Glace A LA VANILLE means “vanilla flavored ice cream” in French. Use a generous amount of vanilla essence as the flavor might fade otherwise. Ideally, the batter should rest for 24 hours, and a minimum of 6 at least. This will help homogenize the molecular structure, and as a result, give the ice cream a smooth texture.

Cream Cheese Dessert Bavarian Cream (Crème Bavaroise) Vanilla Cream Desser

Italian style dessert with a rich cream cheese flavor. Place the mixture in the center of a plate, then arrange cut seasonal fruit around it. Alternatively, you can serve with a fruit sauce, sliced almonds and/or chervil leaves.

French style dessert known as “babaroa” in Japan. It is a popular cold dessert of custard stiffened with gelatin, mixed with whipped cream.

Italian style dessert. Make basic custard cream, then combine with whipped cream. After chilling well, serve with cut seasonal fruit. You can add vanilla essence to enhance the aroma. For more “professional” presentation, you can prepare extra whipped cream (7% sugar content), make layers with the two kinds of cream in glasses, chill, then top with berries such as strawberries


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