Apple Turnover Apple Caramel Cake Cheese Souffle

German style traditional baked confectionery made with sautéed apples wrapped in a pie crust. Add a small amount of lemon juice to the apple filling to complement the sour flavor, then also add a little cinnamon for flavor.

Italian style cake. Jonathan apples (Kougyoku) are best for this recipe this season, however, if they are not available, you can use other hard-flesh apples such as Fuji. The caramelized apples are the key to making a delicious cake. Heat sugar and butter in a frying pan until the mixture turns brown, then add apple slices and mix.

Swiss style cheese soufflé. By adding meringue to cheese batter, you will have a light, airy soufflé. For an even lighter texture, you can substitute flour with cornstarch.

Chocolate Streusel Cakes Petits Fours Amandes Chocolat Cheese Cream-Filled Cake

Swiss style cakes with a chocolate cream top and a chocolate streusel bottom. To decorate, hold a sheet of paper or cardboard diagonally on a cut cake and sprinkle with confectioners’ sugar. In this way, you can have a diagonal black-and-white effect as in the top photo.

Swiss style two-layer cakes. Bake the bottom cookie dough beforehand, then spread the chocolate batter on top. Enjoy the combination of almonds and soft chocolate.

Belgian style cake, baked with a cheese cream filling. After having prepared the cheese cream filling, start making the cake batter.

Sweet Potato Tart Pancakes with Cream Filling Two Layer “Ecossais” Almond Cake

French style tart. The key to making this tart is to process the potatoes while they are still hot after microwaving or steaming. No prebaking of the shell is required for this recipe.

Swiss style cake. This is a sponge cake traditionally baked in a mold, but you can make it using a frying pan. Cook until brown on one side, then turn and lightly brown the other side. When cooked, cover with plastic wrap and allow to cool. To roll the pancakes easily, try using plastic wrap.

French style two-layered cake, usually baked in a German “Rehrucken” pan (half-round ribbed loaf pan). “Ecossais” means “Scottish” or “tartan cloth” in French, and “Ecossaise” cakes refer to cakes with layers of batter in different colors.


French style cake, frosted with whipped cream. “Couronne” means “crown,” and round tube cake is called “crown cake” in French. The batter is made under a traditional French recipe, however, you can use any kind of cream for the frosting.

Fruit Pancakes

Swiss style pancakes made from a sponge batter. Brown both sides in a frying pan, let cool, then fill each pancake with whipped cream and diced fresh or canned fruit. If available, use a generous amount of fresh fruit for the filling.

Sweet Potato Tart

Swiss style sweet potato tart, made without a biscuit shell. The tart is made with two layers of two different batters – a soft almond batter on the bottom, a sweet potato batter on top. Brush with beaten egg yolk before baking to glaze the surface.

Cherry Tart: Tarte aux ceries

French style tart. “Ceries” means “cherries” in French. Traditionally, this tart is made with fresh or cooked cherries, however, we use canned cherries in this recipe. If available, use sour cherries because they are best suited for this tart.

Apple Streusel

Swiss style baked apples, sandwiched in “streusel” crumb dough. Press the dough through a sturdy strainer or sieve to make it crumbly. Use a small apple with a tart flavor such as Jonathan (Kougyoku).

Sweet Potato Mont Blanc

Sweet potato dessert. Cook the sweet potato dough in a saucepan, let it cool, then shape it into triangular pyramids, using your hands, to represent Mont Blanc. To serve, place each mound on a plate and frost with whipped cream. And voila! It’s a white Mont Blanc.

Simple Cheesecake

Swiss style cheesecake. For a lighter cake, it has become common to use cornstarch instead of flour. With this recipe, you can also substitute flour with cornstarch.

Custard Pie

Swiss style pie with a custard filling. By using cornstarch, you can make a light custard. If cornstarch is not available, you can substitute with flour.


French style eclairs with basic eclair dough and custard filling.

Crumb Top Sweet Potato Bake

Simple dessert, baked in a tart dish with crumb topping. You can make the dough by simply mixing the ingredients. To make crumbs, cut in solid butter to the dry ingredients and mix (not knead) until crumbly.

Gâteau Chocolat

Rich non-flour chocolate cake, made with a generous amount of chocolate and cocoa powder.

(Recipe by: PROFOODS)

 Pancakes with Banana and Cream Filling

Swiss style cake. A banana is used in this recipe, but you can make them with different fruit in season. To roll the pancakes easily, try using plastic wrap.

Dome Crepes

Swiss style dessert. This is a fairly standard crepe batter recipe. To combine vanilla ice cream and whipped cream, melt the ice cream completely before using. Alternatively, you can use softened ice cream and beat it together with whipped cream.

Chocolate Roll Cake

Swiss style roll cake, arranged to Japanese taste with chocolate. Ganache cream softens when warmed and hardens when cooled. So adjust the temperature to spread the cream liberally over cake.

Vanilla Roll Cake

Swiss style roll cake with a vanilla-flavored whipped cream filling. If available, use vanilla beans or vanilla oil instead of vanilla essence.

Chocolate Cake with Whipped Cream

Swiss style chocolate cake. Traditionally, this cake is made with ganache cream or chocolate-flavored buttercream, however, whipped cream and shaved chocolate are used in this recipe. Rum is optional.

White Chocolate Layer Cake

A Swiss cake prepared in a Japanese style. The cake is traditionally made with a sponge called “genoise blanche,” however, we use a light sponge batter in this recipe.

Cheese Tart II

Swiss style cheese tart with a biscuit shell and a cheese cream filling. Bake the shell beforehand until light brown.

Upside-Down Apple Cake Pancakes with Whipped Cream Filling “TRANCHE NEGUS” Chocolate Cakes

Austrian style upside-down cake like the French “Tarte Tatin”. To remove the cake from the mold, loosen the edges of the pastry with a knife.

Swiss style pancakes made from a waffle batter. Brown both sides in a frying pan, then fill with whipped cream. For a richer flavor, you can add the same amount of custard for the filling. To enjoy different variations, you can also serve the pancakes with cut fruit and chocolate sauce.

French style chocolate layer cakes with a chocolate sauce filling. Traditionally, they are made with a chocolate cream filling, however, we use chocolate sauce in this recipe. “Negus” is a title used for a king in Ethiopia.

Whipped Cream Cake with Strawberries  Christmas Chocolate Log Cream & Strawberry Cake

Japanese style Christmas cake. Bake a sponge cake in a round pan. Line the pan with wax-paper if necessary. After baking, remove the cake from the pan and let cool before filling and frosting.

Swiss style sponge cake with whipped cream frosting. This is a fairly standard sponge cake recipe without butter. The sugar content of the cream here is 7%.

Bake a sponge in a square pan. Line the pan with wax-paper if necessary. After baking, remove the cake from the pan and let cool before filling and frosting. Together with whipped cream and strawberries, you can also use chocolate sauce for the filling.

Cherry-Flavored Almond Cake  Fraisier Almond Turnover

Belgian style moist almond cake with a mild flavor, brushed with cherry liqueur syrup. To bake, any size of mold will do for this recipe.

German style traditional baked confectionery made with almond cream wrapped in a pie crust. This type of pie is fairly common in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. A small amount of rum is used in the almond cream filling for flavor.

French style cake made with sponge and strawberries. “Fraisier” means “strawberry plant” in French. To make a moist sponge, combine sugar syrup with cherry liqueur and brush the sponge with it.

Crepes “Omelette Style” Chocolate Tarte: Tarte au Chocolat Cheese Tart

Swiss style dessert. This is a fairly standard crepe batter recipe. To combine chocolate cookie ice cream and whipped cream, melt the ice cream completely before using. Try using different flavors of ice cream to enjoy other variations.

French style chocolate tart. Traditionally, special chocolate sauce is used for glazing the top. Since the sauce is not commonly available in Japan, however, we can substitute it with ganache cream.

Italian style cheese tart. The shell is made with the dough from the “Cheese Cookie Balls” recipe. After baking the cookie shell in the mold, fill the shell with the cheese cream filling and bake again. To make it simple, you can bake the filling in ramekins without using the shell.

Chocolate Layer Cake Strawberry Roll Cake Rich Chocolate Pancakes

Chocolate cake made with “hot cake” (pancake) mix. Add finely chopped chocolate and butter to milk and heat the mixture until it is well blended. You can serve them as sandwich cakes or roll-ups, with a whipped cream filling. When baked, cover with plastic wrap to keep in moisture.

Swiss style roll cake, arranged to Japanese taste with whipped cream and strawberries.

You can substitute the strawberry sauce with jam. Adjust the amount of sauce or jam to taste.

A Swiss chocolate cake prepared in a Japanese style. The sponge batter contains melted chocolate. Traditionally, a generous amount of rum is used in this type of cake, but in this recipe, we use just a little amount to give the cake a subtle rum flavor.

Tarte Bourdaloue (Pear and Almond Tart) Chocolate Banana Napoleon Belgian Chocolate Roll Cake

Belgian style roll cake. Roll cake is a specialty of Switzerland, but this is a Belgian recipe using chocolate cream. You can find a lot of Belgian cake recipes that use Belgian chocolate. If available, try using Belgian chocolate for this cake too.

Belgian style dessert with a chocolate-flavored custard filling. To make the filling, add chopped chocolate to hot custard and blend. Ripe bananas are suited for this recipe – choose any kind that you like, as a variety of bananas are commonly available now.

Popular French style pear tart called “Tarte Bourdaloue”. It is said that the tart was called after the street “Rue Bourdaloue” which, in turn, had been named for a seventeenth-century preacher, Louis Bourdaloue.

Tourte aux Pommes (Apple Cake) Baked Cheesecake Japanese Chocolate “Shortcake” Dessert

French style cake. Traditionally, this cake is baked in a tube shape. The apple should be diced and fully marinated in a sugar laced liqueur before cooking.

Swiss style cheesecakes, baked in pound loaf pans. You can also use paper baking molds. When the surface browns while baking, cover with foil and continue baking. When removed from the oven, wait until the cakes are cooled before cutting them.

Japanese style chocolate “shortcake” dessert. For topping, you can use ready-made whipped cream. Try using both plain and chocolate creams for a delightful white and brown effect. To make it more colorful, garnish the dessert with strawberries and/or herbs.

Sweet Potato Bake II Japanese “Shortcake” Dessert Black & White Cake

Japanese style dessert. A sponge cake with whipped cream and fresh fruit is called “Shortcake” in Japanese, and this type of dessert is commonly sold at patisseries in Japan. Fruit is not used in this recipe, but you can top the cake with fruit such as strawberries or blueberries to make it look more colorful.

Swiss style layered cake. Traditionally, this cake is made with custard buttercream or chocolate buttercream, however, whipped cream is used in this recipe.


Swiss style dessert, simply made by mixing the ingredients. Rum is optional. To bring out the flavor, cook the sweet potatoes by baking or using a microwave.

Whipped Cream Cake Cream Puff Crowns Chocolate Cake (Gateau Noir)

Swiss style cake. Traditionally, this cake is made with custard buttercream, however, whipped cream and canned cherries are used in this recipe.

French style ring-shaped cream puffs. A light taste with two layers of different cream fillings.

Swiss style chocolate cake. GATEAU NOIR means “black pastry” in French. You can enjoy different variations by changing the flavor of cream and the shape of cake.


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