Tarte Medaillon (Medallion Tart)

Belgian style tart. “Medaillon” is sometimes used in the names of circular- and oval-shaped confectionery. This is a simple tart recipe, no prebaking of the shell is required. Pour the filling into the shell, bake, then sprinkle with confectioners’ sugar after cooling. This filling recipe is rather unique as it requires melted butter.

Fresh Cream Tartlets Walnut Tart Easy Black-and-White Torte

French style tartlets. Traditionally, the tartlets are baked with an almond cream dough filling or a “compote de fruits” filling, then topped with custard cream. So instead of whipped cream, you can use custard cream for filling.

Swiss style tart. Bake the tart shell beforehand until pale, then fill it with the cream filling and walnuts and bake again. Roast walnuts lightly to enhance the aroma.

Swiss style torte with a soft chocolate cookie bottom. To make a light plain batter for the top layer, make sure to beat eggs until stiff. After baking the chocolate bottom, fill the pan with the plain batter and put it back in the oven again.

Easy Country-Style Torte Blueberry Tart Apple Tarts

Swiss style torte with a crispy chocolate cookie bottom. To make a light plain batter for the top layer, beat egg yolks and egg whites separately until stiff. After baking, brush with syrup and glaze with marmalade.

French style tart with a low sugar content in the shells. You don’t need to bake the shells beforehand. Let the filling batter stand in the refrigerator overnight for a smooth texture. For glazing, you can use any kind of jam. You can also substitute blueberries with raspberries or currants.

Belgian style traditional apple tarts with an almond cream filling and apple topping. Fill the baked tart shells with almond cream, top with apple slices and bake again. They are savory with a pleasant tangy flavor.

Cheese Tart II Chocolate Tarts Chocolate Torte

Italian style classic torte with a very rich chocolate flavor. To make meringue, make sure to beat egg whites until stiff peaks form. To make batter, mix alternately with the sifted dry ingredients and the meringue.

Swiss style chocolate tarts. Make sure to chill the tart dough well, then roll out thin. Try using shallow, small molds as too much filling may make the tarts too heavy. You can garnish with mimosa leaves or dragees.

Swiss style cheese tart with a biscuit shell and a cheese cream filling. Bake the shell beforehand until light brown.

Black & White Chocolate Tarts  Lemon Tart Cheese Tart III

Swiss style tarts with white chocolate ganache filling in dark chocolate shells. Make sure to roll out the dough thin. Also, use shallow, small molds as too much filling may make the tarts too heavy. You can garnish with dragees or chocolate spray.

Swiss style tarts. You can add a little grated lemon zest to the filling to enhance the lemon flavor. Bake the shells beforehand until brown. No baking is required after filling.

French style light cheese tart using cottage cheese. Add a little salt and vanilla essence to the filling. Bake the shell beforehand, then fill it with the cheese cream and bake again.

Chocolate Tartlets Fruit Tart Cheese Lemon Tart

French style tart using a pie dough. Bake the shell beforehand. For a richer cream filling, mix in 20g of butter to the cream while it is still hot, then let cool at room temperature. For topping, you can use any fruit in season.


Italian style cheese tart. Traditionally, the cheese batter is baked in tart shells, however, we don’t use tart shells in this recipe. In addition to almonds, you can add pine nuts to enhance the flavor.

French style tartlets. Traditionally, the tartlets are filled with ganache, so you can substitute the chocolate sauce with it.

Tarte Potiron (Pumpkin Tart) Strawberry Tart Soft Apple Tart

French style tart. “Potiron” means pumpkin in French. Prebake the tart shell until lightly brown, then add the pumpkin filling. Delicious served with whipped cream.

French style tart. We use two 15cm tart dishes for this recipe. You don’t need to bake the tart shells beforehand. You can line the tart pans with the tart dough, fill them with the cream filling and bake them.

French style apple tart. Peeling the apple is optional.


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